How to borrow books


How to Borrow a Book

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Read more below if you don't know to borrow a book.

Borrowing a Book
Borrowing a Book

When you find a book you're interested in, you can click "Borrow this book" and this will open an email using your default email programme on your computer.

If your computer isn't set up to allow this, you can just send an email however you normally do to  Please include the name of the book in the subject line.

The book will then be delivered to you at the next Sunday Worship Service.

You are welcome to keep the book for as long as you like, but please remember that others may be waiting for it.

When you are done, just bring the book back to the next Sunday Worship Service.

How to Browse the Library

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Browsing the Library
Browsing the Library

There are various virtual 'shelves' in the library.  The default shelf is called 'books', where you'll see a long list of all the books (in alphabetical order by title).

You can select another shelf to see books in specific groups such as featured authors, publishers or types of books. You can use the search box to search all titles.