Giving to the Church

The church collects money for two purposes:

  1. To support the work of the church, primarily funding staff, venues, outreach and counselling events.  You may hear this referred to in the church as 'church giving'.
  2. To support those in need, within the church family, locally within the community and on a wider scale through HOPE Worldwide (  You may hear this referred to in the church as ‘benevolence'.

How to Give

Supporting the work of the church is primarily done by money donated outside of Sunday services, given directly to the church by its membership.

To give money to support those in need, you can put money in the collection bags passed around most Sundays during service.  Of the money given during Sunday services, 90% is given to HOPE Worldwide, supporting a range of projects in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Islands.  The remaining 10% is used for those in need locally.

If you would like to give in some way or know more about giving to the church or those in need, you can contact Richard Carey on or 027 358 6866.


The church has charitable status with the NZ government and a charity registration number of CC33488.