Church Health Survey 2013

Church Health Survey 2013

The scriptures often use the image of a shepherd, where he looks out on his flock and knows what's going on in order that he may take care of them.  

This is an anonymous survey available to be completed by each church member.  It's an effort to help the leadership group and Dave & Megan Bliley see how the church is doing. 

It's not meant to look at someone personally and say "what's their life like?" but to get a collective view of where the needs are within the church. 

When we pull it all together, we will see areas we're doing really well in, areas we need to grow in, areas that could do with more teaching about, etc.

I have Quiet Times (Bible study & prayer)
I would describe my walk with God as:
I've had Christians in my home
I've prayed for friends and/or family to become disciples
I’ve shared my faith
I've helped someone become a Christian
I've been involved in community service
In the last 6 months, I've had Family Devos
For the Men only
I give (financially) sacrificially
I give (financially)
For Marrieds only, where 10 is best.
I have consistent discipling
At least once a month

A paper version of this form was completed by members on Wednesday Oct 23rd, 2013.

If you have any questions about this survey, feel free to contact any of the Deacons or Dave & Megan Bliley (contact us)