Joining the Unity Proposal

In early September of 2005, during a forum organised by the 2005 International Leadership Conference coordinators in Seattle, a group of nine brothers, were elected by ballot to serve as a Unity Proposal Group. website. website.

They left Seattle with a clear charge from commended brothers to present a proposal to our churches that would further cooperation, unity and missions throughout our fellowship.  

They worked on the Plan For United Cooperation for about six months and it was eventually presented to churches around the world.

As a congregation in Auckland, we never formally ratified this proposal, not because we disagreed but because we did not at the time see the need to do so. 

Recently the Deacons, along with Dave & Megan Bliley, have reviewed this proposal anew and would like to  show our desire for both spiritual unity and effective cooperation with our sister churches around the world by formally ratifying this plan.

Please take some time to review the Plan for United Cooperation document (PDF) and provide your thoughts to the Deacons and/or Dave & Megan.  The full document, FAQs and other supporting information, can be found at